Registration for Summer 2023 is underway! To register, review the key updates below, then use the link at the bottom of this page.


For decades, denominational support has allowed us to offer camp at fees lower than costs. Now, with the United Methodist Church unable to offer the generous support that it has given for decades – a 50% reduction in 2023 – our “Tiered Pricing” is a chance for all of us who love camp to step in and keep camp as financially accessible to everyone as possible. Tier 1 is our “Default Fee”, the normal subsidized rate; Tiers 2 and 3 are donations to help cover the “Actual Cost” and “Sustaining Cost” of camp. No matter which Tier your family chooses, the camp experience your camper will receive while at Grow Day Camps will always be the same. See “Key Updates For 2023” of our FAQs.


Offering safe, faith-forming experiences will always be our top priority. A key and long-standing component of that effort is our set of standard best practices for preventing communicable diseases (including COVID-19) from entering camp – and to quickly recognize symptoms and contain spread when they do. See “Key Updates For Summer 2023” of our FAQs.


Registration waiver info is built-in as one of the first steps of online registration. Check our FAQs to review camp policies and common questions. Register today for a week of faith-forming fun at Grow this summer!